Consortium partner the City of Ljubljana has developed guidelines, procedure, a form and a mobile application for first assessment of damaged buildings after the earthquake within the SIQUAKE2020 project. The designers have tested the procedure with a new form and mobile application several times and organized training for first assessments of damaged facilities for a wider range of users as part of preparations for the Full Scale Exercise SIQUAKE2020, which will take place in central Slovenia between 4 and 8 October 2021.

Training for first assessment of damaged buildings after the earthquake, using a newly defined procedure and a new mobile application, took place between 7 and 11 September 2021 in Ljubljana. The training was divided into theoretical and practical part and over 250 individuals participate in it: Deputy Commander of the Civil Protection of the MOL, commanders of the Civil Protection sectors in Ljubljana (North, East, South, and West), representatives of the Ljubljana Fire Brigade and commanders and representatives of voluntary fire brigades.

The theoretical part of the training took place on 7 September 2021. The participants got acquainted with the procedure for damage assessment and the purpose and usability of the mobile application »Obhodnice«, developed by City of Ljubljana. The participants of the training have installed the application on their mobile phones and tested it.

This was followed by practical part of the training on 10 and 11 September 2021, in which the employees of the City of Ljubljana took participants to the field training, on pre-prepared bypass with buildings that would be most affected by an earthquake. At the same time, the participants used the »Obhodnice« application and entered as many as 762 damage assessments of the buildings in two days of training. After the fieldwork, the participants viewed the results on the control panel.