Final Planning Conference #SIQUAKE2020

The #SIQUAKE2020 Final Planning Conference will take place from 6 – 10 September 2021 will be organized as one-day virtual event. Representatives of all national stakeholders involved in the #SIQUAKE2020 Full Scale Exercise (FSX) are invited to attend the conference, including the members of civil protection headquarters on national, regional and local level, firefighters, search and rescue units, dog handlers, scouts, Red Cross Slovenia, Slovenian Police, Slovenian Armed Forces, as well as representatives of international rescue units and European Commission.

The aim of the conference is to coordinate the exact course of the #SIQUAKE2020 FSX implementation, which will take place from 4 – 8 October 2021. Leading exercise organisational structure, expected involvement of national and international participants, exercise scenario and locations, host nation support and observers programme will be presented and discussed. Participants will present their capacities with which they will participate in #SIQUAKE2020 FSX and receive further instructions for a successful exercise execution. The conference will conclude with virtual exercise locations preview.